Must See

Santorini sunset

The sunset of Santorini adds to the breathtaking rare beauty of the island and there are some amazing viewpoints, where visitors can relax and admire it. However, the most famous place for sunset watching is the picturesque village of Oia.

Beautiful sunset points are scattered around the island, so you will not have a hard time finding one. All caldera villages built on the west side of Santorini facing the volcano (such as Imerovigli, Fira, and Oia) offer lovely views.

Ammoudi Bay

Nestled under Oia, approximately 300 vertical, rocky steps below the village, you will find this beautiful bay. Weaving along the rocky path cut into the caldera edge, the steps showcase the breadth of geological layers and bright red rock for which Santorini is famous for.

A quaint, tiny fishing port, seafood tavernas line the bay with crystal clear waters lapping at the table’s edge. It is highly recommended to make a reservation at any restaurant as afternoons and evenings are the busiest. One of Santorini’s best swimming spots is hidden behind the bay.

Red Beach

Volcanic Santorini is home to some very colorful and unique beaches. The first on our list is the Red Beach. This is Santorini’s most famous beach. It is located near the Akrotiri archeological site. This Greek beach gets its name from the unforgettable volcanic, red-hued sand. The color is a striking deep red, almost burgundy, which is unique to Santorini. The waterfront is surrounded by enormous volcanic rocks, and black and red pebbles, composing a wild scenery that captivates everyone who steps foot.

Enjoy a walk

Caldera is one of the most beautiful sights in Santorini. Created after a huge volcanic eruption, this island stands on a cliff. Rejuvenate your soul with a walk around whitewashed houses in daylight. The nightlife in Caldera is also amazing, creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night out. It is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the peace, saying goodbye to all your worries.

Excavations of Akrotiri

While you are in Santorini, you will regret not taking the opportunity to see the excavations of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri. You can actually walk through the debris of this well-maintained town and be transferred to the prehistoric era. It is a must-visit place for people who find pleasure in learning about history and exploring archeological sites. Several routes take you to the historical site. The best way is by joining a bus tour, as it gives you a chance to explore the natural beauty of Santorini as well as learn about its rich history.

Perivolos beach

If you’re on a romantic trip with your partner, Perivolos beach is a must-visit spot. This lively beach offers the ultimate retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Covered in black sand and sparkling waters, it also invites adventure lovers to engage in thrilling water sport activities, such as Jet Ski Safari. Here you will find the most beach bars on the island playing loud music all day long.